General Manager’s name


Shakelli has started its activity in field of dairy products since second half thirteen century of solar calendar in Tabriz town “Kooy e Davechi (Shotorban)”.At the beginning of fourteen century, started its products’ distribution in the most parts of Tabriz and gradually expanded to Tehran and other parts of country. From 1330, Shakelli transferred its activity center to Tehran, Khayyam Street.

In 1342, for the first time Shakelli presented the butter in form of current package to market in Iran. After market expansion and demand growth, by the aim of production and innovation increase, a factory with completely automatic machinery and usage of expert human force was established and operated in 1356.  

In 1371, Safa Pakhsh Company was founded for all over distribution of Shakelli production without intermediaries. This company is equipped with stockrooms, modern cold warehouse and refrigerated machines and has the most sale experienced force.

Shakelli Company for quality promotion with belief in development of healthy nutrition culture, healthy society by regarding internal and international standards’ bases, always has been trying to make and present of its production. Winning tabulas and statues are claims of this company’s efforts for achieving to so-called goals. For instance can be pointed out to these cases:

-          Dr. Sadegh Hedayat’s tabula and statue in country’s Food Science & Technology Festival, World Food Day as a pioneer of Iran dairy industries in 1387

-          Crystalline Diamond statue for Distribution Management System’s Conference in 1388

-          Tabula and Golden Apple statue for production and innovation of functional products named Creamed Honey in Tehran Healthy Food Festival in 1388

-          Tabula and safety sign of the best province plant in the aim of Safety Management System’s installation and promotion, World Food Day of national congress in 1391

In addition, making different type of novel products in accordance with current world standards and based on responding to market changes and consumers demands takes into account of Shakelli Company’s guide line.  

Activities and observations of Research & Development Department on continuous promotion of products’ quality is a reason for particular place of this company in local markets and dairy industries.